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It tastes really good. Kind of like Cheerios but better!

98 mg which is less than 1% daily value.

Thank you for raising an excellent question. There are many estimates of daily fiber requirements from various sources, and we focused on The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which states that “The Daily Value for fiber is 25 g per day. This is based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet”. 
Here is a link provided by the FDA for more information.

You open the box and you will find a non discreet bag inside with our world renowned cereal. You throw away the box and ONLY you will know the contents of the box! 😃

Ingredients: Corn bran, whole grain sorghum flour, ground psyllium fiber, inulin, cornstarch, sugar, baking soda, sea salt.

The amount of sugar is 2 grams and fat is 1 gram.

Great question! As of right now, we only have our cereal available in the market, but we are currently working on other products. If you are searching to "poop like a lumber factory", we highly recommend you to consume your fiber (Poop Like A Champion cereal) WITH your daily recommendation of water consumption. Fiber only works best if you drink your H2O, so make sure to stay hydrated, and we promise you, you will experience better than a lumber factory.